Gifto Token Surges 370%: Rebranding Sparks Price Boost

• Gifto’s native token, GFT, has spiked 370% in the past week due to its move to rebrand and swap its token from ERC-20 GTO to BEP-20 GFT.
• This was followed by a $2.5 million investment from Poolz Ventures which will help advance their product offering and provide additional marketing support.
• Major exchanges such as Binance, Bitget and MXC have supported the move by no longer supporting GTO tokens and listing GFT/USDT trading pairs.

Gifto Rebrands and Swaps Its Token

Gifto’s native token has recently experienced an impressive surge after the virtual-gifting platform decided to rebrand and swap its token from Ethereum-based GTO to BNB alternative GFT. The new token will enable Gifto to further develop its suite of products while also providing support for staking and charity programs.

$2.5 Million Investment From Poolz Ventures

Gifto received a $2.5 million investment from Poolz Ventures that will help advance their product offering while providing additional marketing support. The funds were committed towards ensuring that the virtual gifting platform can keep up with demand for its services while also expanding user access around the world.

Major Exchanges Support Token Swap & Listing of GFT/USDT Trading Pair

Leading exchanges including Binance, Bitget, and MXC have all expressed their support for Gifto’s move by no longer supporting GTO tokens but allowing deposits and withdrawals for GFT tokens instead. Further, MXC said that it would list the GFT/USDT trading pair in the innovation zone effective Feb 8th of this year.

Price Surge Following Token Swap

Following these announcements, price of the new tiken surged over 300% with CryptoSlate data showing an increase to $0.04 from $0.04 in the last 24 hours as well as a 370% increase over 7 days period.. Currently,the new token is trading above $0.14 on leading exchanges such as Binance with a reported trading volume of over $125 million dollars on their platform alone..


It appears that investors are bullish on what this new development could mean for both users who rely on gifting services provided by this platform as well as investors who are interested in seeing more growth in value of this asset class moving forward..